Monday, October 10, 2005

It's the Blackster here, hello y'all!

I just thought, given the increasing popularity of the blog, that i'd make a comprehensive list of the virtual TV series that this blog is covering now and is going to cover in the near future. Can't put dates on when the reviews will arrive, but this is just to build a little anticipation about what's coming up.


Somewhere Inbetween - SEASON ONE (Monster Zero Productions)
Star Trek: Beyond What's Left Behind - SEASON ONE (TrekOnline)
Gods - SEASON ONE (Monster Zero Productions)
Star Trek: Avalon - SEASON ONE (TrekOnline)
Star Trek: Frontiers - SEASON ONE (Virtual Star Trek)
Star Trek: Star's End - SEASON ONE (Virtual Star Trek)
Star Trek: Exodus - SEASON ONE (Shaun Hamley)


The High Life - SEASON ONE (Monster Zero Productions)
Star Trek: Endeavour - SEASON ONE (TrekOnline Affiliate)
Between the Walls - SEASON ONE (Monster Zero Productions)
Stargate: Horizon - SEASON ONE (Stargate Universe)

UPCOMING REVIEWS (in order of release):

Gods 1x04 - 'CHANGES' (Lee. A. Chrimes) (COMPLETE)
Star Trek: Beyond What's Left Behind 1x05 - 'DARK SIDE OF THE MOON' (Todd Foose) (COMPLETE)
Star Trek: Star's End 1x03 - 'UNDER' (J. Henrik Antonnen)
The High Life 1x01 - 'EXORDIUM' (Waylon Wyche)
Star Trek: Frontiers 1x03 - 'THE HIGHEST PASSION' (Joshua Maley)
Between the Walls 1x01 - 'PILOT' (Arcadio Reyes)
Star Trek: Avalon 1x03 - 'EMPATHIC ADVANTAGE' (Jeremy Burnham/Joshua Legg)

So, there you have it. That's what's coming up from the Blackster Blog over the next couple of week. I'd like to get an episode posted a day, but time committments can make this a tall order. Rest assured, though, what you see above is what you get and i'll at certain intervals do these 'upcoming' posts just to keep you readers tantalised.

Keep on reading and i'll keep on writing. :)

The Blackster.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I'm looking forward to your Seers and The High Life reviews

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Rakhee said...

Increasing popularity? I hope I don't have anything to do with that. :)

I'm honestly looking forward to all of them, though it'll be nice to see you start on Endeavour. Keep up the good work! (--Kestra)

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Elite Anubis Guard said...

Just thought I'd say that Stargate Horizon's first season has already aired. Season 2 just began 3 weeks ago.


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